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Chef's Special

Lunch time special
Choice of Starter, Main course and choice of rice
Only £7.95
(Eat in only)


Ghai Bai Toey
chicken in pandan
Ghai Satay
BBQ chicken in sauce
lots to share
Banana Fritter
hot with ice cream
Ghai Pad Prik
chicken special
Kang Keow Waan
Thai green curry
Khanom Pa
Thai prawn toast
Larb Ghai
spicy pork salad
Khao Phat
fried rice
Mor Gaang
Thai custard
Pad Priew Waan
sweet and sour
Ped Naam Daang
duck in red wine
Ped Yaang
BBQ roast duck
Pla Neung See Ew
spicy Thai fish in salad
Po Pia Guung
cased king prawns
Tom Yum
famous Thai sour soup
Yum Talay
amous Thai spicy salad
Ghai Pad Prik
chicken special

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